The document says that the Commission wishes to simplify procedures under the Sixth Framework programme for research (FP6). It has proposed a radical shift in the current management model, with "more flexible rules and contracts and a substantive reduction of administrative red tape". This will include the abolishment of ex-ante financial controls and an end to the Commission requesting bank guarantees.In addition, the Community's financial contribution will be granted to the consortium as a whole and participants will be able to decide on its use in achieving the objectives of the project they are working on. The consortium will receive an annual advance payment of 85% of the necessary budget, with the remaining 15% allocated at the end of each year once documents on the implementation of activities have been accepted. Under the current Framework programme, the Commission retains 15% of the whole contribution until the end of the project. Streamlined procedures will also be introduced to deal with minor changes such as adaptations of the work plan or the composition of the consortium.The principle of "unlimited joint and several liability", a contractual arrangement where the partners in a consortium collectively bear the risks related to their work as a team, has also been...

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