The rules have also been adapted to aid efficient co-operation and the appropriate use and dissemination of results. Under the simplified rules, participants may also decide amongst themselves the arrangements that suit them best, within the framework of the model contract.The document states that participants in integrated projects will own the intellectual property of the knowledge resulting from the project, adding that "where appropriate, the owner of knowledge will provide adequate and effective protection for knowledge that is capable of industrial or commercial application". It adds that the Commission may adopt protective measures where necessary to protect knowledge in a particular country or where such protection has either not been applied for or has been waived. The document also sets out provisions for the mandatory use and dissemination of knowledge. It states that participants are free to use any knowledge arising from the project which they own, according to their own wishes and in compliance with any agreement reached by the group involved in the project. The document also states that participants will be given a time limit by the Community for the dissemination of suitable knowledge. If the participants fail to do this within the period laid down by the Community, the Commission may take action to disseminate the knowledge itself, bearing in mind the need to safeguard intellectual property rights, confidentiality and the legitimate interests of the participants. The document also sets out a simplification of access rights so that the same provisions apply to all participants.This represents a break away from the practice adopted under the Fifth Framework...

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