Roaming Charges Within The EU To End By June 2017

Author:CSB Group
Profession:CSB Group

As from April 2016, a 14-month interim period for telecommunications companies will start before all roaming charges within the EU will be completely eliminated by June 2017. During this interim period, telecoms companies can still apply surcharges at a reduced cost, not exceeding the following maximum amounts:

€0.05 per minute on calls €0.05 per megabtye of date used €0.02 per sms sent This agreement was reached after years of campaigning for the elimination of all roaming surcharges across the EU and to define the EU members' approach towards the regulation of internet traffic. Following this agreement, the EU will be advocating the principle of net-neutrality for the first time. The United States already have regulations surrounding net neutrality in effect.

Net-neutrality requires internet service providers to stop favouring some internet traffic, however, according to European net-neutrality rules, some...

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