Roles of professionals and services in the real estate market

AuthorOvcak Kos, Maja
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Sloven ia
3. Roles of professionals and ser vices in the r eal est ate m ark et
Ta ble 7: R ole of p rof essi ona ls i n t he re al est ate m ar ket
Est ate age nt
Pr ope rty
va lua t or 5
La w ye r/ Ad voc at e/
Solic ito r
No t ary
Ba nk
Te chnica l e xper t
( archit ect ,
en gin eer,
su rv eyo r)
Ma in f unct ion :
do es t he
pr ofe ssiona l
typ ical ly w ork
in dep end ently or
as part of a fi rm
or an oth er
or gan isation?
Usually in a firm;
usu ally also in
collabor ation wit h an
onl ine agen cy
N/ A
Usually in a fi rm
Ind ependen t
pr acti tion ers
(m andatory)
N/ A
N/ A
Exte nt of
en gage me nt ( at
w hich po int (s )
do es e ach
pr ofe ssiona l
inte rve ne in th e
pr oce ss?)
First point of co ntact
(m atchi ng p arti es)
Drafti ng the sales
contr act and/ or deed
of conv eyan ce ( rar e)
N/ A
Drafti ng the sales
contr act and/ or deed of
con veyanc e (rare)
Drafti ng the sales
contr act and/ or deed
of conv eyan ce ( rar e)
Cont rol of tax
paym en t
Verification of
signatur es
Cred it and
mortgag e
app lication
N/ A
Ma nd ator y
in vo lv em e nt
N/ A
Yes (ver ificat ion of
signatur es)
N/ A
N/ A
Ho w ar e t hei r
fe es/ ch arg es
st ructur ed
% cont ract pr ice
Based on valu e
Based on v alue
Fixed fees by
each bank it self
N/ A
5 I n som e EU co unt ries, th e rea l est ate prop ert y v aluat ors are r egul ated as a pro fessio n th at is sep arat e fr om estat e ag ents (e. g. H ungar y, Lith uania , Lat via ); the ir s ervi ces m ight be oblig ator y,
espe cially wh en t akin g m ort gage loans .

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