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The new ASTRIUM organisation said in a press release that they are seeking: "to improve the focus on customer satisfaction through better utilisation and co-ordination of human and technical resources", "to restore acceptable levels of operational and financial performance" and "secure profitable new business". The aim is also to finalise the procurement of the Skynet 5 contract. The Military Communications Systems division, whose director is to be named shortly, will be in charge of the provision of the Skynet 5 system.Worth nearly GBP2 billion (Euro 3.05 billion) over a 20-year period, the programme is intended to replace the secure British telecommunications network Skynet 4 from 2005 to 2018. The Paradigm Secure Communications consortium, which includes EADS and BAE Systems, was recently selected by the British Defence Minister to complete this system. Astrium is supposed to provide two Skynet 5 satellites and the ground system.Managed by Jean Michel Aubertin, the Telecommunications Satellites Division will be tasked with successfully completing the present contract and extending its portfolio of activities. Run by Evert Dudock, the Earth observation/Science division will back the...

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