Sectoral anti-fraud policies, measures and results - expenditure

AuthorEuropean Anti-Fraud Office (European Commission)
th Annual Report on the Protection of the European Union’s financial interests — Fight against fraud 2018
. Sectoral anti-fraud policies,
measures and results —
.. Member States’ sectoral antifraud policies and measures
involving several expenditure sectors
Member States r eported several measu res that address dif‌ferent fu nds at the same time,
mostly the Eur opean Structural an d Investment Funds (ESIFs) (45). So me of the measures
extend to ot her shared management funds, s uch as the A MIF, the Fund for Europea n Aid
to the Most Dep rived (FEA D) and the Eur opean Global isation Adjust ment Fund (EGF ). The
measures dif‌fer wi dely in nature and purpo se, and range from reinfor cement of the ex-an-
te control over pu blic procurement und er European funds (46) to a review of t he system for
recovery an d f‌inancial corrections (47) ; from risk assessments, re d f‌lags and IT tools (such
as ARAC HNE) (48) to training courses on sp ecif‌ic cross-cutting is sues (49) (50).
.. Agriculture — sectoral anti-fraud policies,
measures and results
... Agriculture — Member States’ anti-fraud measures
Five Member Stat es reported anti-frau d measures specif‌ic to agric ulture. They concern:
an action pl an to enhance m anagement a nd control of pu blic procurem ent in rural
development (51);
strength ening the anti-fraud str ucture of a paying agency (52);
setting up a n alert system to detec t facts indicating fraud or at tempted fraud (53);
strengthening prevention by ensuring direct management and supervision of identif‌ica-
tion and cont rol of agricultural land a nd determining eligible area s for f‌inancial support
under Europea n Agricultural Guaran tee Fund (EAGF) and E uropean Agricultural F und for
Rural Development (EAFRD) (54); and
developing fraud r isk analysis to pre pare an invent ory of fraud risk s in the dif‌feren t
processes, usi ng the Commission’s fraud risk templ ate (55).
() The ESI Fs broadly cover rur al development , f‌isheries and coh esion policies.
() Spain and Slo vakia.
() Greece.
() Romania and S pain.
() United K ingdom.
() For a comple te overview, see par agraph . of the S WD referred to in fo otnote , point ( i).
() Austria.
() Italy.
() Luxembourg.
() Slovakia.
() Belgium.

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