Self-regulation strategies as a learning assessment in students

AuthorAlbana Sadiku
PositionUniversity of Mitrovica 'Isa Boletini', Republic of Kosovo
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
ISSN 2519-1284
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Self-regulation strategies as a learning assessment in students
Albana Sadiku
the learning process. As an instrument in order to collect the information for this paper, is
used the socalled questionnaire Strategies and selfregulation questionnaire which was
developedbypsychologists PrintmanSmithGarcia andMcKeachie whoworkedat
the Universityof Michigan The purpose of this study is to measure the strategies of self
assessment, self-esteem and self-discovery that students show during the learning process,
to understand if the students try to nd dierent alternativessuitable for themin orderto
allow them to learn more easily. This research is a type of descriptive, and the questionnaire is
MitroviceKosovoTheobtainedresultswereanalyzedby hisquarecoecientvariation
and standard deviation.
The hypotheses of this research are Dicult teaching lessons make studentspupils to
collaborate with their classmates or with the teachers The students are capable of self
judging while gaining knowledge remembering and reproduction of them The act of
learningand doing homeworkin aspecic place withoutchanging impacts inhigher and
easier concentration.
Takeninconsideration the obtained resultsthe rst and secondhypotheses are veriedas
Keywords: students, self-regulation strategies, learning.
achievements in school Selfregulation represents the individuals ability to self
develops along with time, and includes various aspects of human: emotional,
social and cognitive resulting in relevant behaviors Zimmerman  The
cognitive presents the degree to which the pupil is able to plan and think, such children
keep their thoughts, behaviors, develop their abilities, and are able to adapt to certain
environments, if necessary. While social and emotional aspects present the ability
to prevent negative actions. This process requires from the pupils to independently
plan, monitor and evaluate their learning outcomes. They can help students create
beerlearning habits and strengthen their skills in studying Wolter There
aremanystudentsperforming suchathing iehavesensitivitytoselfesteemthat
comesasa resultofproper selfregulationSelfregulationinessenceis aprocessof

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