SME-s and their economic impact Albanian Case

AuthorDenada Topuzi
PositionUniversity Aleksander Xhuvani, Elbasan, Albania
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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SME-s and their economic impact
Albanian Case
PhD. (C.) Denada Topuzi
University Aleksander Xhuvani, Elbasan, Albania
In this paper it is made an attempt to discover some of the factors that influence the creation
and the thrift of small and large businesses on credit. Credit problems are analyzed in countries
in transition, and in particular in Albania. Also the macroeconomic situation constitutes a
significant factor in the accumulation of bad loans. Despite many other factors that affect the
quality indicators of the loan portfolio, macroeconomic factors have played an important role.
Meanwhile, the consolidation of ties and quantitative results, without any doubt will support
future analysis and research in the field of banking supervision. In this point of view it will be
emphasized the fact that despite the relative indicators that are applied in the analysis above,
there should not be overlooked the absolute ones. Through this paper I will perform the role
of credit research and its impact on business performance. This study is focused on four
important aspects of credit and its impact on the progress of business, which contributes on
the atmosphere of doing business and especially its financing, such as: comprehensiveness,
the development of a cooperative spirit, the establishment of motivation and cultivation of
values and partnership.
Keywords: SME, Credit problems, Business performance, Albania.
This paper aims to reflect the role of credit and its impact on the progress of business
in the region of Elbasan (Albania), in particular. Through this paper I will perform
the role of credit research and its impact on business performance. The study focuses
on four important aspects of the credit and its impact on the progress of the business,
which were stated above. In compiling this work I applied the methods of research
in economics, normative methods, analytical and synthesis, induction and deduction,
statistical methods etc. In particular I tried to illustrate the research with an empirical
presentation reflecting the situation of academic substance treatment. During the
drafting of the paper I have used national and international literature that refers to
the fields in question.
During the last 25 years, private sector as well as banking sector has suffered radical
changes. After the financial crisis, the banking sector has tightened the rules and has
imposed restrictions on the part of creditworthiness. The purpose of this paper is to
analyze the impact of financial constraints on investments of SMEs (small and
medium) and BB (big business) as well as the need for frequent growth of these
businesses and further development in Elbasan region, with the aim of classification
of risk categories to which they are exposed, and the construction of a model that will

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