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Members of the European Parliament are preparing to denounce Spain's draft legislation that virtually abolishes the right to abortion. After debating the issue in plenary in mid-January, they are now planning to officially address the government led by Mariano Rajoy, sending it a written statement. The text was opened to signature on 27 January and has already been signed by 230 MEPs. Some, including Marc Tarabella (S&D, Belgium), also participated in a torchlight march outside the Spanish Embassy in Brussels, on 29 January. "Our aim is to express our disapproval of the draft legislation and our solidarity with all Spanish women, whose rights would be violated," explained the Socialist MEP, who hopes to see this item on the agenda of the EP plenary session running from 24 to 27 February.

Presently, Spain authorises abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy or up to 22 weeks for foetal malformation. On 20 December 2013, Spain's Council of Ministers...

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