SRIP Co-creation

AuthorDirectorate-General for Research and Innovation (European Commission)
SRIP Co-creation
The authors of this report gratefully acknowledge the policy steering by the Director-General for
Research & Innovation (R&I), Jean-Eric Paquet, and the Director “Policy and Programming Centre”
in the Directorate-General for R&I, Julien Guerrier. They also warmly welcome the generous
support by Kurt Vandenberghe and Renzo Tomellini, as former senior management staf‌f in the
The 2020 edition of the SRIP Report is a result of a genuine co-creation process under the
guidance of Román Arjona, Chief Economist and Head of Unit “R&I Strategy and Foresight” of DG
Research and Innovation, and Jessica Larsson, Deputy Head of Unit. Julien Ravet was in charge
of overall editing, coordination and steering, including the draing of the Report, managing a
number of working groups feeding into the process, and providing support to contributors (within
the European Commission services and external experts and contractors).
Lukas Borunsky, Ana Correia, Roberto Martino, Tiago Pereira, Heiko Prange-Gstöhl, Ruzica Rakic,
Julien Ravet, Katarzyna Szkuta and Marta Truco are lead authors of the Part 1 of the Report. The
statistics for the Part 1 were collected and analysed by Tiago Pereira.
Part 2 of this Report was prepared by colleagues across the Commission, Sara Amoroso, Gaetano
D’Adamo, Roberto Martino, Nikolaos Kastrinos, Ewelina Pysklo and Julien Ravet, as well as by
the following external experts: Sara Calligaris, Chiara Criscuolo, Nicolas Gonne and Rudy Verlhac
(OECD), Peter Cappelli (University of Pennsylvania), Frank Geels (University of Manchester), Andrés
Rodríguez-Pose (London School of Economics), Désirée Rückert and Christoph Weiss (European
Investment Bank), and Reinhilde Veugelers (Bruegel, CERP and KU Leuven).
Ignacio Baleztena and Ana Correia led all communication aspects related to the production and
dissemination of the Report. Tonia Jímenez, Petros Malecos and Alexandra Ruete provided support
with communication activities, especially the SRIP website. ESN supported the team with the
graphic design of the communication deliverables.
The members of the SRIP 2020 Sounding Board were Peter Dröll (Chair), Bruno Lanvin (INSEAD/
ICANN), Martina Larkin (World Economic Forum), Irene Mia (The Economist Group), Manuel Muñiz
(formerly Harvard University/ IE), William Maloney (World Bank), Dirk Pilat (OECD), Pawel Swieboda
(formerly IDEA) and Ward Ziarko (BELSPO), who played an essential role in assessing the analysis
and key policy implications of the Report.

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