Staff and Budget

The OLAF report 
. Staff and Budget
At the end of 2019, the total number of staff members
and available vacancies at OLAF stood at 393. The
number of OLAF staff members remained stable from
2018 (389) to 2019, despite the general reductions
in staff and budget in the EU civil service as well as
the redeployment of staff with the Commission. The
situation is expected to remain uncertain in the years
to come, owing to the establishment of the EPPO and
the agreed transfer of 45 posts from OLAF to the EPPO
over the period 2019–2023.
The key challenge for OLAF has been to maintain its
strong investigative performance and to continue to
play its significant and active role in the development of
EU anti-fraud policy despite the staff cuts. In addition to
the reductions in staff numbers, OLAF staf f members
have had to cope with a structural increase in workload.
Nevertheless, despite the staff cuts, OLA F managed to
maintain quality and efficiency in its investigations and
in its anti-fraud policy work by aligning resources with
priorities and by improving efficiency.
OLAF is committed to improving the diversity of its
workforce and to promoting an inclusive working
environment. In 2019 OLAF exceeded the Commission’s
target to have at least 40% women in management by
2019 and intends to continue its efforts to reach a fair
balance in gender representation at all staff levels in
2020. At the end of 2019, 47% of middle management
jobs were occupied by women, compared with 28.8% in
2014. OL AF’s internal target of three first app ointments
of women to middle management positions set for
2017–2019 has also been exceeded, as four female first-
time heads of unit were recruited during that period.
OLAF fully endorses programmes aiming to promote
diversity and inclusion, among them the female talent
development programme. T he programme was
launched by the Commission in 2018 and is a mix of
competency building, mentoring by senior managers,
networking and individual coaching. By the end of 2019,
three female colleagues from OLAF had benefited from
the programme.
OLAF Directors and Director-Gen eral

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