Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)

AuthorPanagiota Petroglou
7 Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)
7.1 General (legal) context
7.1.1 Surveys and reports on the practical difficulties linked to statutory schemes of social
security (Directive 79/7)
To the authorΣs knowled ge there have been no su rveys and reports published in Greece
over the last fi ve years that provide insights into the difficulties that workers face in
practice in relation to social security schemes.
7.1.2 Other relevant issues
There are no other relevant issues.
7.1.3 Overview of national acts
See under 1.2 above.
7.1.4 Political and societal debate and pending legislative proposals
There has been no political and/or societal debate and there are n o pendin g l egislative
proposals on this topic.
7.2 Implementation of the principle of equal treatm ent for men and women in
matters of social security
The principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security is
implemented in national legislation in Article Single of Presidential Decree 1362/1981
implementing Directive 79/7/EEC. This is the only measure aimed at implementing
Directive 79/7/EEC. The Decree replaced Article 33(1) of Act 1846/1951 (OJ A
179/21.6.1951) on the Organisation of Social Security (IKA), which operated the main
scheme for subordinate workers under a private-law contract. It abolish ed the distinction
between husban ds and wives and fathe rs and mothers regarding pen sions and medic al
care, which was to the detriment of women.
7.3 Personal scope
The scope of Decree 1362/1981 is limited to the IKA scheme (7.2 above), which is
statutory, as it covers workers employed by different employers. There are other schemes
which must also be considered to be statut ory, e.g. the scheme operated by the
Organisation for Ag ricultural Social Se curity (OGA),416 which covers farm ers who are not
salaried workers; the scheme operated by the εerchant SeamenΣs Fund ( NAT),417 which
covers workers in marit ime employment; and the scheme operated by the Agency of
Manpower Employment (OAED),418 which provides workers under a private -law contract
with protection against unemployment, including unemployment allowances, assistance to
job seekers and other allowances, such as maternity allowance . Since 1 January 2017 all
the main existing social security schemes (IKA-ETAM, ETAP-MME, ETAA, OGA, NAT,
TAYTEKO, ETAT), together with State pensions, have been merged into one single scheme
416 Act 4169/1961, OJ A 81/1961; Act 2458/1997, OJ A 15/14.2.1997.
417 Presidential Decree 913/1978, OJ A 220/14.12.1978; Act 1085/1980, OJ A 255/6.11.1980.
418 Act 2961/1954, OJ A 197/1954; Act 1545/1985, OJ A 91/20.5.1985.

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