Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)

AuthorVesna Simovic-Zvicer
7 Statutory schemes of social security (Directive 79/7)
7.1 General (legal) context
7.1.1 Surveys and reports on the practical difficulties linked to statutory schemes of social
security (Directive 79/7)
There are no relevant surveys.
7.1.2 Other relevant issues
There are no other relevant issues.
7.1.3 Overview of national acts
The Law on Health Insurance68 regulates compulsory health insurance and the exercise of
these right s, the financing of compulsory health insurance, supplementary h ealth
insurance, contracting healthcare with providers of h ealth servi ces, an d other issues of
importance for exercising health insurance rights.
According to the Article 13 of the Law on Health Insurance, the rights stemming from
compulsory health insurance under the law are:
1) the right to healthcare;
2) the right to compensation of earnings during temporary incapacity for work;
3) the right to compensation of travel expenses related to the use of healthcare.
The Law on Healthcare69 in Article 5 stipulates th at in exercising the right to healthcare,
citizens are equal, irres pective of their nationali ty, race, gender, gender identity, sexual
orientation, age, disability, language, religion, education, social origin, condition and other
personal property, in accordance with the law.
The Law on Pension and Disability Insurance70 in Article 9 stipulates that, for the purpose
of this law, insured persons are:
1) employees (hereinafter: insured employee);
2) pe rsons per forming s elf-employment (hereinafter: insured person of self-
3) farmers (hereinafter: insured-farmer).
If a person simultaneously fulfils the conditions for insurance on several grounds referred
to in Paragraph 1 of Article 9, the insurance basis is determined in such a way that the
existence of the basis of insurance at th e first point exclude s the basis of insurance from
the next item. This means that a person can only be insured on one basis.
Obligations for payment of contributions based on insurance are determined in accordance
with the law.
According to the Article 16, the rights to be derived from pension and disability insurance
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