Strategy Development of Dairy Industry in Kosovo

AuthorIsak Berbatovci
PositionEuropean University of Tirana
Vol. 4 No.1
May, 2018
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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European University of Tirana
Thedairy industryin Kosovois oneof thesignicant sectorof agricultureand ithas been
developing constantly since war in  Dairy sector in Kosovo plays important role in
commercial development Howeveras a result of insucient research and infrastructure
and regulations of dairy industry there are many areas to be studied in order to improve the
complete picture of the future strategy development of dairy industry in Kosovo.
Inthe conictof the countryswholeagriculture infrastructurewasdamagedas
sectorsare facingmanyissues suchasinsucient knowledgeand skillsinthe elddueto
smallnumber of expertsemployed bysmall and mediumsized companiesimprovement
of technological and transportation access, support from the government legal regulations
infrastructure of dairy sector in Kosovo.
The purpose of this research is to analyse the milk sector and illustrate the best suitable
conclusion In this research paper questioned and interviewed various farmers collection
points, processors and traders to investigate the current issues relates to the dairy business,
sector. From the research, Kosovo dairy industry must be based on improvements in cost
eciencysupply chainexpansion strategytoprovidethefavourable businessenvironment
for the all actors to enhance its potential position of the market strategy to increase the internal
and external demand for the dairy products.
1. Introduction
Abusiness demands constantdevelopmentsand expansion togrow eectivelyIt
requires good nancial availability management and strategic skills to achieve
theirgoalsStrategies ofgrowthofagribusiness rmsmeanactionsthatshouldbe
undertakenfrom rmsin order torealize thesetobjectivesMusaberlliu Kercini
In Kosovo the agriculture sector contributes the signicant amount to countrys
economic situation as well as it helps to improve the trade balance and growth
legalframeworktrade channel educationandtechnology During  the
conict destroyed a large amount of livestock and thousands farms have been
burned and damaged. Since then, especially the small farms and processors have
not received enough support from government and related associations to grow
their business further. As Kosovo has a great potential in terms of milk production

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