Studies highlight latent conflict behind different concepts of democratic equality

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Studies highlight latent
conf‌lict behind dif‌ferent
concepts of democratic
Whilst democratic consultation is increasingly viewed as a way to improve our democracies,
the question of how to use it fairly is still tormenting stakeholders. eUNREP project
brings about interesting insights into equal and unequal representation.
Democratic participation, and particularly referendums, have
never been so intensely debated. Is such direct involvement
in decision-making really good for democracy? Are all citizens
equipped to understand the issues at hand especially in a con-
text of growing misinformation campaigns? Should everyone
have a say in matters they are not necessarily impacted by?
Of all the questions facing policy-makers, the UNREP (Who
Should Have a Say? Preferences for Unequal Representation)
project focused on the latter by studying the factors shaping
citizen reactions to democratic consultations, and more specifi-
cally their stances on equal representation. In Europe in 2016,
the Brexit referendum might have made a perfect case study.
CORDIS Results Pack on elections and democratic participation
Understanding turbulent political times through innovative EU-funded research

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