Study on flora and vegetation of the Shkumbin valley

AuthorErjona Selko - Rodeta Pllumi
PositionUniversity 'Aleksandër Xhuvani ', Faculty of Natyral Sciences, Departament of Biology
Vol. 3 No. 3
January, 2018
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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Study on ora and vegetation of the Shkumbin valley
Msc. Erjona Selko
Msc. Rodeta Pllumi
University “Aleksandër Xhuvani ”, Faculty of Natyral Sciences, Departament of Biology
Shkumbini valley is noted for a high diversity of ecosystems and habitats, rugged geographical
position and variable climate. This study provides data on ora and vegetation.
Objective of this study is the ora and vegetation of natural environments in the upper and
middle valley of Shkumbin for Elbasan which includes three vegetations areas: (i) Forests and
Mediterranean scrub area, (ii) The Oak area and (iii) The Beech area
The survey aimed to: Identify key areas of plant species and develop oristic list based on
several key environmental data. Further on it aimed at environmental assessment of the
condition of vegetation, its impact on the natural concrete situation by separating the rare
plants practical and scientic value.
For conducting this study we used physiognomic and oristic method. The study carried
out by a working methodically divided into three phases: (a) Preparatory phase (preparatory
work), (b) Filed phase of work (data collection outdoor) and (c) Phase of work in the laboratory
(data processing in the laboratory or cabinet).As characteristic species for Shkumbin Valley
can mention (Pinguicula hirtiora) found in tap Myari and (Forsythia europea) which is a
paleoendemic plant. We recorded that the most of the vegetation of these zones is dominated
by Hemicryptophyte and Phanerophyte. Further on the most commons forms are those of
Phanerophyte, Hemicryptophyte and Therophyte. The area is dominated by Mediterranean
species, Paleotemporal, Eurasian Euro-Mediterranean. The most widespread families are
Compositae, Rosaceae, Lamiaceae. It is also distinguished for a considerable number of
medical plant species.
Keywords: oristic list, environment, collection, medical plant, Shkumbini, Elbasan.
1. Introduction
The wildlife in nature is presented in dierent forms of plants and animals’ organisms.
Each of these forms is distinguished by its features and plays an important role in
our planet. The plants are not just a natural element, they represent ecosystems of
economic and ecological importance. According to some authors today there are
about 500,000 species of plants. Xhulaj et al (2006);. This variety is created as a result
of dierent conditions of the environment that exists today in nature, as well as their
constant change that has been taking place from the past till nowadays. Forests,
pastures and meadows are in themselves extraordinary wealth that fosters economic
development. The importance of plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic
industries is invaluable.
The study of the plants’ biodiversity for the valley of Shkumbini has both scientic
and practical signicances. Mersinllari (2001).
The valley of Shkumbini is distinguished for a high diversity of ecosystems and
habitats. Thanks to its geographical position, the broken relief and continuous

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