Survey participation and key findings

12 - EASO Mental health of applicants for international protection in Europe
2. Survey participation and key findings
This is a first step taken by EASO to learn from EU+ country authorities and civil society orga nisations (CSOs)
some of the challenges and good practices regarding the topic of mental health and applicants for
international protection. The findings compile input received from three of EASOs networks: Reception;
Asylum Processes; and the VEN. These findings will facilitate the planning of the next steps for EASO s upport
in collaboration with the three networks.
This chapter starts out with a general overview about participation in the survey, followed by a review of key
findings. A more in-depth analysis is presented in the following chapters, which looks into reception a nd the
personal interview findings separately. Each section is introduced with a quote shar ed by respondents of this
2.1 General information on participation
A total of 25 countries participated in the survey, 22 of whic h are EU Members States. Contributions were
also received from Norway, Serbia and Switzerland. Some countries provided more than one submission. A
total of 91 submissions were received from reception and asylum authorities as well as CSOs 23.
Figure 2. Submissions by EU+ country (S-R Q 1.1; S-AI Q1.1)
22 Please note that in some graphs presented in this document, the text along the axis might be slightly cut off. Refer to
the questionnaires in the annexes for the full text. The question number can be found in each figure descriptor.
23 CSOs who participated in the surveys were from Serbia, Greece, France, Portugal, Hungary and Spain and
international non-governmental organisations from Spain, Greece and Denmark who support authorities with the
provision of psycho social support programs as well as legal counselling to applicants in need. (While some of the CSOs
might be part of the EASO Vulnerability Experts Network (VEN), others might have received the survey through the
National Contact Persons (NCPs) of one of the EASO Networks who participated in this exercise.)
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5 5
1 1
EU+ and beyond
Overall Asylum Interview Reception
‘Mental Health affects everyone!’

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