Technique, Thematic, Symbolism and Semiotics - Authentic Synthesis in Adem Kastrati's Creativity

AuthorShpresa Tolaj-Gjonbalaj
PositionAlbanological Centre, Tirana
ISSN 2410-3918 Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol 1 No 1
Acces online at IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania March 2015
Technique, ematic, Symbolism and Semiotics - Authentic Synthesis in
Adem Kastratis Creativity
PhD (Cand.) Shpresa Tolaj-Gjonbalaj
Albanological Centre, Tirana
e choice to bring this topic consists in choosing the creative vocation of the inventive painter
Adem Kastrati, who articulates the artistic work with a unique technique, the usage of brown soil
color, as a pictorial material and tool without articial mixture, stressing also the application of
the specic pictorial structure, which is considered unique up to now. Main objective of this paper
is the analysis of the technical, thematic, symbolic and semiotic authenticity, in Adem Kastrati’s
works, which is based on the Albanian traditional history.
e artist’s tendency to create a form of art apprehensible to all, through the articulation of a
clear gurative language which occupies a specic considered space in the paper, shows the artist’s
message transmission to receptive level in reference to psychological-spiritual condition. is paper
is based on primary and secondary sources, direct analysis of the artist’s activity, as well as dierent
materials and publishing. As for the idea, technique, theme, variety of signs and symbols reected,
it is important to notice that the artist’ s skill is very original in the universe of inventive values of
pictorial art that is why he occupies an important position in the Albanian culture. Consequently,
this paper reects a unique panorama of the authentic synthesis of specications that characterize
this artist’s activity. erefore through this exposition, we are trying not only to highlight his
creativity, but we are also trying to highlight his works to all the competent institutions nationwide,
whose art was presented in 50 individual and collective exhibitions in dierent countries of the
Keyword s: Kastrati, authenticity, symbolism, semiotics, message.
e truth about ethno genesis that, Illyrians stay on top of the history of the Albanian
people” and that “their culture has dened cultural and historical heritage of Albanians
today” (Buda, 1978, 9) as a result of our science (linguistics and archaeology), motivates
the painter Adem Kastrati to bring the essence of our ethnos and culture through invented
artistic style, unique technique, in reference to the universal awareness on the values and
the autochthony of the Albanian nation.
Hence, the whole creative opus of Adem Kastrati articulated in fragmentary form comes in
narrating the traces of past, with elements and phenomena of prehistoric Illyrian particles,
in demonstrating the identity characteristics of survival, resistance and development of
our being, with an emphasis on ethno-cultural realm.
e transguration of vital truth, within the truth of pictorial art, as a result of experiencing
and perception of the sublime spirit, along the outlining of the artist’s creativity marks the
multi – dimensional values.

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