Formerly a state-owned concern, Tele Danmark has this year become a foreign company, with Ameritech of the United States being the main shareholder, and holding the majority of the votes (seven out 12 on the Administration Board). France Telecom has made use of its Danish-based subsidiary, Mobilix, to anticipate the deregulation process by banking not only on the mobile telephone market but also on the stationary version. On April 20, Mobilix relinquished 14% of its shares to the state-owned railway company, "Banestyrelsen", in exchange for access to its 7,000 km fibre optic network, which is to be extended to 20,000 km by the end of the century. By the end of 1998, France Telecom's offshoot will be offering fixed telephone services to its customers in addition to mobile telephone ones.The bill should muster majority support in the Danish parliament, according to the Minister, who expects it to be introduced on July 1, 1998. Concerned at the demise of its monopoly, Tele Danmark has succeeded in its quest to state its position to MPs before they pass the bill. Tele Danmark fears that this deregulation process spells huge financial...

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