The Norwegian and Swedish telecommunications operators Telenor and Tele2 have signed an agreement on reciprocal access to their GSM and UMTS networks in their respective countries, according to a statement issued by Telenor on September 16. This agreement should permit the Swedish group to forego a third generation licence in Norway. Under the terms of their alliance concluded for a duration of five years, each of the two groups will be able to become a virtual operator in the other's country, exploiting their network. In this way, Telenor, which failed to obtain a UMTS licence in Sweden, will gain access to Sweden's third generation mobile telephony market. Tele2, which holds a UMTS licence in Norway but has fallen well behind schedule in the construction of its network, may forego its licence and focus attention on its agreement with Telenor.

Discussions are currently continuing between the Swedish operator, currently under threat of a fine, and the...

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