The challenges of the banking system in the future and the impact on credit

AuthorDenada Topuzi
PositionAss/Lecturer at University 'AleksanderXhuvani', Elbasan, Albania
ISSN 2410-759X
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Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania Vol. 1 No. 2
September 2015
The challenges of the banking system in the future and the impact on
PhD. Candidate Denada Topuzi
Ass/Lecturer at University “AleksanderXhuvani”, Elbasan, Albania
Today technology is evolving with giant steps, such as those products that we see today,
5 years ago we didn’t even thought about. We can see that more closely associated with
the world of technology is the importance of information, as we reach the point of talking
about the information society.
This is essential in the activity of a bank. Banks may intervene when they have
a greater willingness and ability to process information. In this way banks can offer the
customer a better performance versus the performance you can take acting personally.
A bank:
a. recognizes the different work opportunities
b. knows to assess risk
c. Knows how to draw a budget that improves results under risk profile activity
and liquidity on the basis of the initial objectives.
This power of banks has been operating for a long time and has been one of the factors
that have contributed to create high barriers to entrance. But with the emergence of the
information society the situation is changing. In fact, it is possible to enter more quickly
to a large amount of information in a very convenient price.
Keywords: challenges of the banking, the importance of information, third level bank.
So, in terms of ability to recognize multiple opportunities to work it is more and
more noticed an increase in clients own financial knowledge, which therefore
recognize different forms of work, for not saying profitability and risk. As regards
the drafting of the optimal budget having information is not enough, it is important
to the ability to elaborate. In fact to have more information can be a negative factor.
So we should be able to choose only the significant ones. Even this, that was one of
the powers distinguishing the banks, endangering not be as such, because are being
used models of complex processed by specialized subjects to put into use a technology
processing of information, the base of which is produced by technology suppliers.
So, the information takes a more and more important not only for banks, but all
over the world economy. This brings additional value to the physical good or service
which is attached. The company that is able to manage information better than
competitors gains a competitive advantage because:
a. Can understand better than the competitors the value that the client
assigns to the virtual bank or click-only

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