The damage of the war and the establishment of the communist regime in Albania

AuthorJonela Canaj
PositionUniversity of Tirana
Vol. 3 No. 3
January, 2018
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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The damage of the war and the establishment of the communist regime in
Jonela Canaj
University of Tirana
The Damages of War
With the end of World War II, the Albanian state is in a very dicult situation in
political, social and economic life. Numerous political and military events of August
1944 diminished any economic activity and made it dicult to produce statistical
data. State Oces were not able to provide ocial records; during this month with
the deterioration of the situation they could not even give general notes. So the
economic information of August was entirely based on the sayings of traders and
buds. But later, the Department of Statistics began operations to carry out a general
war damage census (April 1939-November 1944) 1. Wheat harvesters were good,
albeit smaller than last year. Forecasts on maize production were good. Constant
bombings and machine guns throughout all of Albania's main roads have made
trade completely banned2. The most active was the sale of retail goods. Foreign
trade (import and export) ceased to operate. Unemployment began in all areas of the
country. The industrial sector considerably reduced its activity. The main cause of this
information is the lack of electricity distribution. Market prices remained constant one
month earlier. Wholesale prices had an additional 3.6% while retail prices fell by 2.6%
compared to the previous months3. The gold market has been quite active. The price
of napolon gold changed on average from a maximum of 548 francs to a minimum of
the Albanian franc 5194. In a telegram addressed to the Presidency of the Council and
the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the worsening situation of the Prefecture
of Gjirokastra is reported on the urgent need for food of the population5. In Fier and
the districts, the Italian army massacred and grabbed6. The Italian gendarmerie was
terried by arresting the population of Mallakastra and Fier merchants in the middle
of the bazaar, leaving a very bad taste to the people7. On September 12, 1944, when
Italian power was established in Fier, even though it was rumored that the Italians
had come as friends rather than invaders, the situation of the people was dicult,
causing fatality, horror and sadness8. In the Prefecture of Durres on the functioning
of the general administration there was a lack of sta and there was also a massive
closure of the schools. The situation was worsening in dierent districts such as Vlora,
Korca, Fier, Tirana etc9. According to the information, the lessons in the central and
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