The facts: Business in Macao for EU Companies

1. THE FACTS: Business in Macao for EU Companies
(Source: European Union Oce to Hong Kong and Macao)
EU expor ts to Macao are d ominated by high-en d leather goods, clothing, watch es and
jewellery, food and beverag es, and automo biles.
Macao’s key expor t items to the EU in clude clothing a nd textiles, t oys, footwear
electronics, machinery and components.
SIZE of Market :
EU exports to Macao: EUR 852 million
EU imports from Macao: EUR 111 million
Total trade in goods: EUR 963 billion
Macao is the EU’s 130th largest goods trading partner.
The EU is Macao’s 4th largest trading partner, aer Hong Kong, Mainland China and the
United States.
The business opportunities in the gambling and tourism industry are central to trade
relations between EU and Macao.
Macao is a growing market for European luxury goods.
Procurement in the transportation, energy and construction sectors can potentially oer
business opportunities to EU SMEs, since Macao is engaged in an increasing number of
infrastructure projects.
IP Factsheet: Macao

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