The feeling of security to the residents of Kosovo with special emphasis in Ferizaj and Gjakova

AuthorMensut Ademi
PositionUniversity College 'AAB'- Kosovo
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
ISSN 2519-1284
Acces online at
The feeling of security to the residents of Kosovo with special emphasis in
Ferizaj and Gjakova
PhD (C.) Mensut Ademi
University College “AAB”- Kosovo
Main objective of this research is the estimation of the security of Kosovo citizen’s. This research
analysis analyses the possibilities to increase the quality of life in Kosovo. This manuscript
tries to perceive the security of the citizens of Kosovo and how they perceive the individual
and collective security; safety and living environment; credibility for the Kosovo Police (KP);
community relations and interethnic relations. It describes the problematic challenges faced
by the residents of Kosovo, and identi es a number of recommendations to strengthen the
work of law enforcement agencies in the future. This paper also tries to give answers about the
occurrence or development of criminal behavior in Kosovo.
Keywords: Fear from crime, law enforcement agencies, victim, education.
Safety is one of the fundamental preconditions for the existence of the social community.
In this aspect, there are many challenges that have a global character and question
the existence and survival of humanity. In addition, various forms and instruments
of violence, by terrorism, organized crime, drug addiction, extinction and massive
destruction, delinquency, undoubtedly express the complexity of today’s human being.
In the late 20th century, the demands of the society for security systems have become
more complex. Creating transparent contemporary societies requires an appropriate
balance between the needs for protecting the political and juridical-constitutional
aspect on the one hand, and the principles of the rule of law respecting the rights and
freedoms of citizens on the other. The concept of security, its content and social function
can only be understood if this phenomenon is seen in an interdisciplinary manner. Self
development of safety conditions and its appearance as di erent forms of organization
are conditioned by the development of human society.
Objectives of the paper
Main objective of the paper was to identify which institutions o er the responsibility
to provide safety and security in Kosovo. The Agencies of Law enforcement have the
competence to protect the Albanian society from crime and issued a number of “dark”
and “gray” o enses, meaning the collection of data from national statistics on the level
of criminality. It should be emphasized that when it comes to methods taken from other
areas of forensic they become due to the speci cs of the facility to handle. They are
applied in terms of implementation of tasks which impose adaptation and modi cation.

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