The importance of human resources in the management of SME's

AuthorGazmend Osaj
PositionEuropean College Dukagjini-Pejë, Kosovo
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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The importance of human resources in the management of SME’s
Gazmend Osaj
European College Dukagjini-Pejë, Kosovo
Scope of this article is to present and analyze the importance of human resources in managing
small and medium enterprises. Many empirical studies have come to the conclusion that
concrete plans are needed about their implementation in practice, especially through human
resources. The descriptive method will be used mainly for describing the problem of human
resources management of SME in Kosovo. The analytical, empirical and comparison methods
will be used in this manuscript during conclusions.
Keywords: Human Resources, Management, Planning and development of SME.
As in every enterprise, also for SME there is a need for a good quality management
of human resources, but knowing their importance we will try to evaluate best
alternatives that a business sta will work in practice. The sector of micro enterprises
together with the sector of medium enterprises, are calculated as pre-conditions
for the country development, especially of Kosovo which is in the transition phase.
Having in mind those development goals of a country, and in this case Kosovo,
without necessary space of human resources in managing SME, we will not have
even the basic pre-conditions for a successful management.
One of the internal factors of enterprise is made by people, which is one of the posts
that had and is continuing to have a very important role in the enterprise ecosystem
(Zeqiri, 2006, 271). Managers are realizing their goals with their sta and by using
physic and professional e orts in positions and in certain places. Managers cannot
do everything by themselves, but they must hire other people, even only for the
case to help them. Human resources have vital importance for the success of the
organizational activity.
Human resources management
Management of human resources is concentrated in sources and directed mainly
in the needs of the management to secure necessary human sources for the
organization. In the beginning, management of human resources deals with only
some cases that are connected with organizational employers, for example, hiring
them, payment, work. But, today we have a whole evolution of human resources
management, where this process includes some functions that have to deal with the
sta , development, compensation, health and security, governing of work relations.
Management of human resources includes human resources planning, recruiting
and selection, performance evaluation, compensation and holding e ective relations

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