The level of application of research subjects (Course) by private colleges in Kosovo, to increase the research culture to new generations of entrepreneurs

AuthorSkender Buja
Vol. 4 No.3
January, 2019
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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The level of application of research subjects (Course) by private colleges in
Kosovo, to increase the research culture to new generations of entrepreneurs
PhD. (C.) Skender Buja
Collegues AAB
To make businesses in Kosovo successful, they must be prepared for marketing research, from
the moment they start working, until they are in business.
Research, or research culture, provides business security and successful business. The success
of businesses brings the development of the country's economy, as well as the opportunity to
reduce unemployment and increase income for the family.
The upgrading and professional education of new generations is done by the secondary and
higher education institutions. This framework, in addition to the appropriate professional
skills, should also be equipped with research culture skills. When these entrepreneurs need
to make decisions to open a business or run a business, marketing market realization is
indispensable, a decision based on search results will be appropriate, which guarantees the
success and security of the business. we're walking in front.
A large part of the education of new generations is realized through private colleges in Kosovo.
This has been the reason for this research to produce results as they apply so-called "research"
subjects (subjects that develop marketing and other marketing skills). In these subjects will
be able to access all the subjects that provide us with knowledge on how and when to start a
survey, what steps are needed to realize what involves the actions of extracting mathematical,
statistical, collecting data their selection, analysis and nal output. The research method that
has been applied to this scienti c paper is a proponent, comparative method, where as a
sample are included three private colleges in Kosovo and three private universities in Albania.
Data is obtained from the Web sites of these colleges, from which they summarize the data
regarding the programs and subjects that apply to those Programs. University data in Albania
serve us to compare it with the Colleges in Kosovo
Keywords: Marketing Research, Research Culture, Businesses, Research Subjects (course),
private colleges.
KAA - Kosovo Accreditation Agency
CITT-Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer
AAB-Collegues AAB
UET- European University of Tirana
Culture involves many aspects, it is broad as a saying, but based on literature,
in this case the quote of the bo om line from a work on the subject (Culture and
Con ict) is, "It includes all the learned behaviors and the values that are transmi ed
to an individual who lives in a society "
The Classical De nition of Culture "Culture is so complex that it includes
knowledge, beliefs, art, morality, laws, customs, and every other skill and custom
sought by society, provided (EDUARD TYLER)1
From the above quotation, we can also present the statement that a cultured person

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