The meta-evaluation team

José Manuel Fresno, Coordinator, (ES). Founder and Director of Fresno t he
right link, specialised in European affairs, Third sector, social policy, financing,
development and strategic planning; Advisor to several institutions and NGOs, UN
agencies and the World Bank; Former Director of Fundación Luis Vives and
Promoter and Director of Fundación Secretariado Gitano; Former Chair of the
Spanish Council for the promotion of equal treatment and non-discrimination of
people on the ground of ethnic and racial origin.
Jarmila Lajkov (SK). Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture leading
Minority Policy in Slovakia programme, including Slovakia’s first university
affirmative action programme for Romani students at the University of Economics
in Bratislava. Author of numerous academic and public policy studies.
Judit Szira (HU). Former Director of the Roma Education Fund. Previously
Director of the Public Education Development Programme at the Soros Foundation
in Budapest, and later chief advisor to the Roma Commissioner in the Ministry of
Education of Hungary; Author of numerous publications on equity issues, active
citizenship and social cohesion.
Slvka Makov (SK). Executive Director of the ETP Slovakia Centre for
Sustainable Development (ETP) since 2002 managing and overseeing dozens of
programmes and projects for Roma communities in Slovakia.
Mirjam Karoly (AT). International consultant on human rights. Member of the
Austrian Ethnic Council for Roma and Sinti and member of the Austrian Delegation
to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance; Board member of the
Romano Centro, Vienna and the European Roma Rights Centre, Budapest; Former
Chief of the OSCE Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues (CPRSI) at the Office for
Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR); Former Senior Communities
Adviser at the OSCE Field Mission in Kosovo.
Monica Rossi (IT). Adviser to the municipality of Rome for the implementation of
a Roma Inclusion plan; Author of numerous academic papers and publications on
the situation of Roma and migrants in Italy; consultant in several EC funded
projects and evaluator for DG EAC and REGIO, as well as for the Council of Europe.
We express our gratitude to the European Commission for providing the
opportunity to conduct this meta-evaluation and in particular its Joint Research
Centre and its Directorate General for Justice and Consumers for their steering in
this task. The report benefited greatly from the methodological support provided
by Zsuzsa Blasko (JRC). A special word of thanks goes to Skye Bain (Fresno the
right link) for collecting our contributions and integrating them into this report.

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