The OLAF Supervisory Committee

The OLAF report 2019
7. The OLAF Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee of OLAF is a body of five
independent outside experts, established to reinforce
and guarantee OLAF s independence by regularly
monitoring the implementation of OLAF’s investigative
function. Its members are appointed by common
agreement of the European Parliament , the Council and
the Commission.
The current members are Jan Mulder (Chairman), Petr
Klement, Grażyna Stronikowska, Helena Fazenda
and Rafael Muñoz. The members are supported by a
secretariat provided by the European Commission. The
current head of the Super visory Committee Secretariat,
appointed in October 2019, is Lambros Papadias.
The Director-General of OLAF keeps the Supervisory
Committee regularly informed about the activities of
the Office, the implementation of OLAF’s investigative
function and the follow-up to investigations.
In 2019, OLAF made available to the committee
587 documents with information on investigations
lasting more than 12 months. OLAF also informed the
committee about judicial recommendations transmitted
to the national judicial authorities, and about OLAF
cases in which information was sent to national judicial
authorities at the dismissal of the case. The committee
and its secretariat had full access to 107 case files in
OLAF’s case management system in 2019.
On the basis of the information provided by OLAF, the
committee delivers opinions to the Director-General of
OLAF and reports to the EU institutions. In 2019, the
Supervisory Committee delivered its Opinion 1/2019,
concerning OLAF’s preliminary draft budget for 2020.
In its opinions, the Supervisory Committee issues
recommendations to the Director-General. OLAF
reports annually to the committee on the state of
implementation of these recommendations. In its 2019
reporting, OLAF assessed four recommendations out
of seven as implemented, one as partially implemented,
one as ongoing and one as not applicable.
Details of the Committee’s work can be found in
its annual activity report. This report as well as
other information is publicly available on the OLAF
12 y-
committee/exchanges-between-o laf-and-its-supervisory-

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