The plot against King Zog I of Albania in Vienna

AuthorBlerina Xhelaj
PositionUniversity 'Ismail Qemali', Vlora, Albania
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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The plot against King Zog I of Albania in Vienna
Blerina Xhelaj
University “Ismail Qemali”, Vlora, Albania
During 1928 - 1939, the Albanian King Zog I followed a pro- Italian policy. During
the rst years of monarchy, he managed the foreign policy of Albania, avoiding
Yugoslavia. The improvement of the relationships between Italy and Albania reduced
the relations with Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia thought during the time when King
Zogu was in reign, that the foreign policy of Albania will be fully oriented towards
Belgrade. But in continuing years, didn’t result like that. In this sense, Yugoslavia was
organizing a plot against him, during his visit in Vienna. King Zogu’s opponents were
also political immigrants that were residing in many European countries, mainly in
Vienna, Paris, Athens, Rome etc. Many Albanian personalities like: Fan Noli. Hasan
Prishtina, Bedri Pejani, Rexhep Mitrovica, were among King Zogu’s rival gures.
Keywords: political emigration, plot in Vienna, a ack, “National Union”.
For the elimination of King Zog I, were interested Yugoslavia and the Albanian political
immigrants. Many of the aforementioned personalities were his worst enemies. The
information about the plot in Vienna was obtained by Sej Vllamasi, which in his
memories, analyzes details of the a ack against Zogu I in Vienna. He explains that
Fuat Bej Dibra made a proposal to Vllamasi, providing 10.000 gold napoleons to
eliminate Zogu (Vllamasi, 2000, 451). On the other side Vllamasi was made aware,
that Fuat Dibra has informed Zogu for the plot that the immigrants in Vienna were
planning against him and that they had proposed to Fuat Dibra 10.000 napoleans,
to nd someone to kill Zog. Sej Vllamasi and Angjelin Suma were two of the most
important activists of the Albanian political migration in Austria. In January 1931,
Zogu came in Vienna to be cured from a serious disease. This information was made
known by a group of articles and foreign newspapers, also from the comments of
Albanian consul in Vienna.1 A er the medical visit, which proved no serious disease
for King Zogu I, the immigrants of Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia, asked their patriots
in Vienna, the physical elimination of Zogu. In Vienna except the commi ee and
members of the “National Union”, other immigrants like: Hasan Prishtina, Nikoll
Ivanaj, Dom Frano Karma, Azis Cami, Qazim Mulleti were residing. These were
political fugitives that started to plan the physical elimination, because they were
declared his enemies in exile.2
1 AMPJ (1934). Fondi 151. Doc.858, 5-11.
2 AMPJ (1934). Fondi 151, Doc. 300.

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