The process to buy or sell a property

AuthorOvcak Kos, Maja
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Sloven ia
5. The process to buy or sell a property
5.1 Main st eps in t he transaction process to buy or sell a pr oper ty
Ta ble 9: M ai n st ep s of th e p roc ess t o buy or se ll a pr opert y
Ma in st ep s
Ma in f unct ion
Applicab le
Na ti ona l sp eci fici tie s/ a ddit ion al fun cti ons/ m ain act or s
Est ate age nt ser vice s
Mat ching th e par ties
Ind ivid ual prop rieti es ar e usually mar ket ed onl ine; m ost pur chase rs g ener ally
rely on onli ne agen cies for sear chin g fo r pr opert y.
Alt er nat ive mat ching
de vice s
Mat ching th e par ties
Perso nal cont acts, news paper ad vert isem ent or online advert isem ent .
Pr elim ina ry cont ra ct
Secu rin g the t ransact ion bef ore
th e f inal cont ract is concl uded .
The p reli min ary cont ract is u sed i n pa rti cular when an ob stacle still need s to
be over com e before t he main con tra ct m ay be con cluded; t he pr elim inary
contr act has t o ha ve all the essent ial com ponent s of the m ain contract; t he
main cont ract has to be conclu ded within 6 mont hs f rom th e deadli ne for t he
conclusion of the prelim inar y con tract.
Pr elim ina ry chec ks
( lan d r eg ister ,
ad mi nist ra tive
pe rm i t s)
Ensur ing t hat t he buy er k nows
all legal obligati ons an d rel evant
featur es rel ated to the p roper ty.
A r eal estat e agent (i f engag ed), an advo cate, a n otar y; each ind icate d
pr ofession als can ind ependen tly perf orm th e t ask.
Dr aftin g t he sa les
con tr act an d/ o r d eed
of con vey an ce
Sum marisin g the agreem ent of
th e pa rti es
An advocat e, a not ary, a r eal estat e agent , som etim es also part ies by
th emselv es; each in dicat ed pr ofession als can ind ependen tly perf orm th e
The sa les co ntr acts has t o be in wr itin g.
Lega l a dvice or
cou nse ll in g
Ensur ing t hat t he t ransa ction is
valid an d that the part ies kn ow
abo ut th eir righ ts a nd d uties.
An advo cate, some tim es also a not ary; each indicat ed p rofe ssionals can
in depen dentl y perform t he t ask.
Cer tification of
sig natur es
Ensur ing t he v alidity of the
agreem ent
Onl y not arie s can v erif y t he sig natur e wit h t he r espect t o t he l and regist er
per mi ssion, issued by th e ow ner of the real est ate or the ot her ri ght in r em,
wh ich is mandat ory .
The land register permissi on can also b e in clude d in a sepa rat e do cument
instead of th e sales con tract.
Con tra ct ex ecu tio n
( tr ansfe r o f p aym en t)
Execu tin g the cont ract ( and
securi ng t hat bot h part ies
per for m t hei r ob ligat ions)
Parties th emselv es, b ank, nota ry i n case of fidu ciary account; usu ally, all
per for m t he task .

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