The process to buy or sell a property

AuthorSchmid, Christoph U.; Pinkel, Tobias
Consum er mar ket stud y on the fun ctio ning of the r eal estate servi ces for consum ers in the EU Coun try Fiche Th e Net herlan ds
5. The process to buy or sell a property
5.1 Main st eps in t he transaction process t o buy or sell a proper ty
Ta ble 9: M ai n st ep s of th e p roc ess t o buy or se ll a pr opert y
Ma in st ep s Ma in fu nct ion Applicabl e N ationa l sp eci fici tie s/ a dd ition al fun cti ons/ m ain actor s
Est ate age nt ser vice s
Mat ching th e par ties
In th e Netherlan ds, it is rel atively com mon to in volve a real estat e
agent in th e t ransfer of o wnersh ip. Ho wever, the par ties h ave
becom e m ore acti ve t hem selv es. E.g., some sell ers cre ate the
descript ion includin g t he phot os of the prop erty to b e sol d
themselv es. In ad dit ion, th e m ark etin g v ia i ntern et has b ecom e
incr easingly imp ortan t.
Alt er nat ive mat ching
de vice s
Mat ching th e par ties
Pr elim ina ry cont ra ct
Secu rin g the t ransact ion bef ore
th e fi nal cont ract is conclud ed
No form of th e cont ract is r equired. Ther efor e, the r eal est ate ag ent
can provide a stand ard cont ract to the parti es or the p art ies can
conclude the cont ract by usin g st andar d fo rms w ith out t he
in volv ement of a pro fessional. Som eti mes, a notary is al read y
invol ved at thi s step. Ver y r arel y, near ly exclu sivel y i n de als
bet wee n bu sine sses, lawy ers draft th e prelimi nary cont ract s.
Pr elim ina ry chec ks ( la nd
re giste r, a dm inistra tive
pe rm i t s)
Ensur ing t hat t he buy er k nows
all legal obligati ons an d rel evant
fea tur es r elated to th e pr operty
The land regist er i s checked by t he n otar y; if adm inist rat ive per mit s
need to be ch ecked, th is m ay be d one by a law yer .
Dr aftin g t he sa les con tract
an d/ o r d eed of
con veya nce
Sum marisin g the agreem ent of
th e pa rti es
Nor mal ly don e by the n otar y; in com mer cial cases lawyers may be
Lega l a dvice or
cou nse ll in g
Ensur ing t hat t he t ransa ction is
valid and that the p arties know
abo ut th eir righ ts a nd d uties
Professional duty of the n otar y. Ot her p rofe ssion als a re n orm ally
not inv olved.

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