The role of external factors of costumer in the process of making purchase decision

AuthorIlire Ahmeti - Betim Spahiu
PositionThe College of International Management 'Globus', Prishtina
Vol. 6 No.2
September, 2020
Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2410-759X
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The role of external factors of costumer in the process of making purchase
PhD Ilire Ahmeti
The College of International Management “Globus”, Prishtina
PhD Betim Spahiu
The success of every enterprise operating in the marketplace always depends on the study and
management of consumer behavior. The aims of this paper are to study consumer behavior in
product selection, based on the importance it gives to consumer behavior that accompanies
the product, its choice, and the impact of consumer socio-demographic and psychological
characteristics in product selection.
In the rst years a er the end of the war, Kosovo businesses were not preoccupied with
marketing and customer care, and today they are essential in doing business. It is crucial for
any business to understand that excellent customer behavior helps create a strong customer
The institutional environment is not properly designed to go about doing business. This has
led many small and medium-sized enterprises to move from production to service and trade.
Su ce it to say that this structure is 53 percent made up of trade companies, while 26 percent
is in other services, and much less in production.
Consumer behavior is described as the process of developing a product, service, and strategy
based on what customers want. Here, various aspects of consumption and behavior are
examined such as: motivation, personality, knowledge acquired, a itudes, the process during
consumers make purchasing and consumption decisions. It also includes an understanding of
macroeconomic aspects such as culture, family-wide in uences that a ect consumer behavior,
which o en makes them loyal to particular products, services and brands. Consumers have
certain expectations from the product / service and those are: Quality, Features, Value, Price
and direct communication with customers.
Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Product, Characteristic, Costumer.
Problem Statement
In addition, the consumer isconfronted with the information of electronic and print
media regarding information on branded products. When it comes to food products,
this information is very important in decision-making process because the choice of
products and brands directly a ects the quality of life, their body and family. The
decision-making process for selecting product brands and the credibility of the sales
units that markets them is crucial and vital.
How production companies understand competition and how prepared are they to
stay in competition.
The aims of this study are to analyze consumer behavior in product selection.
The study of consumer behavior in the selection of products, based on the
importance and space it gives to the a ributes that accompany the product in its

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