The role of International Organizations in the statehood of Kosovo

AuthorBashkim Smakaj
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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The role of International Organizations in the statehood of Kosovo
PhD (C.) Bashkim Smakaj
KosovoscaseintheinternationalrelationsandintheinternationalLawisconsideredto bea
Administrationforalmosta decadeJune untilFebruary thisadministrationwas
based on a UN Security Council Resolution  Kosovo has declared independence on
Resolution of UNSCis stillin place UNMIKstill is operatingin Kosovo eventhough
ona very symbolic basesAer Kosovodeclared Independence new internationalmission
but under a very dierent political environment now within an Independent Sovereign
Stateinternationallyrecognizedfromover countriesworldwideandmemberofover
internationalorganizations Mymain focus inthis research willbe therole of UNMIKas a
UnitedNationOrganizationMission inKosovoandtherole ofEULEXasa EuropeanUnion
Ruleof LawMissionin Kosovoas partofthe EuropeanSecurity andDefense PolicyESDP
that they have played in the birth of a new state. This two International mission are coming
organization such as UN and the other one from a Regional International Organization
EuropeanUnion and the role that thistwo international Organizations have playedin the
statehood of Kosovo is irreplaceable.
Keywords Kosovo UNMIK EULEX UNSC  SRSG JIAS PISG the Comprehensive
Aer failure of the three UNSC resolutions    there were other
diplomatic eorts to sele the increasing conict this eorts were made with
the mediation of the so called Contact Group in Rambouillet in two rounds of
negotiationsin February andMarch of First round ofthe talks werefrom 
toFebruary whichfailed duetolack ofconsentbytheFRYSerbdelegation
there wasanother round of the talks which took place from  to  March 
which also ended with the same result , Kosovo delegation signed the agreement and
startedon March andended on June when thegovernments ofthe
Agreement with NATO KFOR also known as Kumanovo Agreement Military

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