The suggestion of a decision making model

AuthorAgerti Galo - Remzi Keco
PositionUniversity 'Ismail Qemali' - Agricultural University of Tirana,
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
Vol. 1 No. 1
January 2017
ISSN 2519-1284
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The suggestion of a decision making model
PhD (C.) Agerti Galo
University “Ismail Qemali”
Assoc. Prof. Remzi Keco
Agricultural University of Tirana
When the problems we face are complex and a ect each other, then the decision making process
is more di cult. In most cases we apply established policies or choices without knowing which
the best choice is. To make appropriate decisions that can solve the problems encountered
should be analyzed very well the reasons that create problems and their reciprocal in uence.
The mechanism that is mostly used in everyday decision making is based upon logic and
experience. While in some decisions problems, instinct appears as a guide in the foreground,
analytical structure of analytic hierarchy process enables feelings and instincts to organize
and align with a shape that resembles human logic. Analytic structure of analytical hierarchy
process enables feelings and instincts to organize and align with a shape that resembles
human logic. Thus this analytical structure, gives people the opportunity to intervene in the
most di cult and complex problems. This method is easily accessible and can be widely used
in the banking system because of its dichotomous decisions.
Keywords: decision making, model, suggestion.
Human intelligence during the decision-making process makes the decision by
making a hierarchical analysis where they divide the problem into smaller parts (most
important to least important). Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in the way of solving
problems uses a similar technique to human intelligence. People sometimes have
di culty facing complex problems in decision-making. The rst solutions are known
as inductive logic that is systematic, and the other one is practical logic deduction.
During the process of making a decision to understand the complexity of current
system both inductive and deductive methods are used. The system facility which
allows to merge these two approaches in an integrated system is Analytic Hierarchy
Process (AHP-Analytical Hierarchy Process) (Thomas L. Saaty, 2000). In order to
make a decision analytical hierarchy process is not only used by ordinary people but
also from people who are competent leaders in the elds of economy and politics.
According to sociologists mechanisms used to make decisions is divided in two types:
Use of logic and experience;
Use of instincts.
According to sociologists, rational thinking or decision making process is just a thin
overlay on instinctive behavior (Thomas L. Saaty, 2000). People move in disorder
and decide without being too con dent when the elements that they need to analyze

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