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The adoption of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) marks the end of a long battle - but not the end of the struggle between those in favour of tobacco and those against, who still face many challenges over the next few years.

Againsta - Luk Joosens, an expert at the European Cancer League, identifies five future challenges: 1. the review of Directivea2011/64/EU on the structure and rates of excise applicable to tobacco manufacturers; 2. the implementation of an interoperable system of identification and traceability, as foreseen under the TPD; 3. the introduction of neutral packages in certain countries, such as Ireland and perhaps the UK; 4. new products, such as electronic cigarettes and similar products; and 5. relations with the tobacco industry in the wake of the Dalli affair (in which the former health commissioner was suspected of trading favours).

Fora - Ben Townsend, head of EU affairs at Japan Tobacco International's...

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