Maritime and inland waterway passengers start 2013 with new rights. Two new EU regulations entered into force at the end of December 2012. These provide for financial compensation in case of maritime accidents (Regulation 392/2009) and make the carrier responsible for covering costs incurred by passengers in the event that a trip is cancelled or delayed (Regulation 1177/2010).

Regulation 392/2009 applies to all sea carriers providing services between member states and, in some cases, to those providing national transport services. In case of an accident - leading to death or physical injuries - the regulation lays down that passengers or their family can receive compensation of up to 250,000 or 400,000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) - an SDR is the equivalent of about 1.18 - depending on circumstances and depending whether the carrier is at fault.

It will also be possible to claim an advance, which cannot be less than 21,000 in case of the death of a passenger, to cover...

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