"Employability through apprenticeship training" was the theme of a conference organised in Graz, Austria, on December 10 and 11, by UEAPME, the organisation representing crafts, trades and small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union and countries applying for accession to the EU. The event was supported by the European Commission. Representatives from 16 European countries attended the conference and took part in the three workshops.

The conference discussed quality benchmarking criteria for apprenticeship based on eleven criteria:

- Training in two places: in the enterprise and at school;

- The apprenticeship contract is the legal basis for the relationship of training in which social and working conditions are regulated;

- Fixed standards for he content of practice and theory, mutually complementary, are recognised at national level and are applied to the enterprises;

- Guidance and adaptation of training content and methods in relation o technological and economic progress;

- The chambers, the sectorial organisations and other competent institutions ensure a significant part in the organisation of apprenticeship training, in advising enterprises and apprentices, as well as in the training of trainers (e.g. master craftsmen);

- Control of the...

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