Using customs to block counterfeits

4. Using CUSTOMS to block counterfeits
WHAT are Customs?
Customs is the Government department in charge of enforcing
criminal law regarding importations and exportations, and
related intellectual property matters. They are the entity you
must contact if you want non-authorised copies of products
that infringe your IP rights to be seized, for example.
Customs in Macao: What you need to know
The Macao Customs Service has the power to enforce
criminal law regarding intellectual property both at the border
(importations and exportations) and anywhere else in Macao.
For example, customs can and will act if a shop in Macao is
selling trade marked products without the authorisation of
the trade mark owner, or if someone is importing products
that infringe a patent registered in Macao. However, given the
nature of intellectual property, Customs may not be aware of
a criminal infringement without the cooperation of the right
owner. You should be proactive, monitoring the use of your
intellectual property and alerting Customs in every case of a
suspected criminal infringement of your rights.
Note that Customs have no authority to enforce the law
when the infringement has no criminal nature (examples of
criminal infringement - see below in section 5).
The address and contact details of the Customs are:
Customs Bldg., S. Tiago da Barra St. D. Carlos I Pier, SW, Barra,
Tel.: +853 28559944
Fax: +853 28371136
HOW do I register?
It is not possible to register with Customs to protect your
Intellectual Property. Instead, you must present a complaint
to them whenever you are aware of a criminal infringement
of your IP rights (for example, if you know that someone is
importing to Macao products that infringe your patent).
Which LANGUAGES can I use?
Chinese and Portuguese are the ocial languages in Macao.
Customs have no obligation to accept your complaint if it is
presented in another language.
How much does it COST?
You do not have to pay any fee to present a complaint to
IP Factsheet: Macao

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