Violence against women and domestic violence in relation to the Istanbul Convention

AuthorVegter, Marlies
10 Violence against women and domestic violence in relation to the Istanbul
10.1 General (legal) context
10.1.1 Surveys and reports on issues of violence against wome n and domestic violence
There are many surveys and reports on violence against women and domesti c violence.
The report that the Dutch Government prepared for CEDAW in 2014 contai ned 19 pages
on the subject (including paragraphs on the abuse of children and elderly people).190
Following the report, CEDAW asked the Dutch Government for a more systematic collection
of data on all forms of violence against women, disaggregated by age and the relationship
between the perpetrator and the victim, as well as on protection measures, prosecuti ons
and sanctions imposed on perpetrators, in p articular in the municipalities of Bonaire, Sint
Eustatius and Saba. The Network UN Women’s Convention191 submitted a so-called
shadow report on 20 September 2016, in which it pointed out that, although the
Government did take further measures, the statistics are still far from complete and a
concrete time path for improvement in this respect is lacking. The Network mentions that
the NGO shadow report on the implementation of the Istanbul Convention and the written
contribution of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights to GREVIO also criticise in detail
the lack of systematic data collection in the Netherlands on all forms of violence against
In September 2018 the Dutch Government submitted a 62-page report ab out the
implementation of the Istanbul Convention.192 It mentions in ter alia the following:
- The Code for domestic violence an d child abuse193 is a roadmap for professionals to
help them to decide whether they must officially report suspicions of domestic
violence or child abuse. The report concludes that the code is quite well known but
is not yet applied by all organisations. Professionals also indicate that they would like
to receive training on interviewing/counselling techniques.
- Safe at Home.194 This is the centre for advice on and for reporting of domestic
violence and child abuse. The workers of Safe at Home answer questions, give advice
and examine together with aid workers what professional hel p is needed.
- The formation of a National Network of Care and Punishment,195 in which the judicial
parties who are involved i n domestic violence and chil d abuse participate, such as
the prosecution service, the police, the Council for Justice, the Rehabilitation Council
and the National Network of Safe at Home Centres.196 The aim of thi s network is to
support professionals working with families and victims of violence.
190 Netherlands, Sixth periodic report of the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning the implementation of the
International convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (2008-2013),
September 2014, available at:
192 Rijksoverheid, Rapportage van de Nederlandse overheid over de uitvoering van het verdrag van de Raad
van Europa inzake het voorkomen en bestrijden van geweld tegen vrouwen en huiselijk geweld (het
verdrag van Istanbul, (Report of the Dutch Government on the implementation of the Council of Europe
Convention on preventing and combating domestic violence and violence against women), 2018. Available
193 Meldcode huiselijk geweld en kindermishandeling.
194 Veilig Thuis.
195 Landelijk Netwerk Zorg en Straf huiselijk geweld en kindermishandeling.
196 Landelijk Netwerk Veilig Thuis.

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