Visual teaching and learning in the fields of engineering

AuthorKyvete S. Shatri
PositionUniversity of Pristina
IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana-Albania
Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences Vol. 1 No. 3
November 2015
ISSN 2410-3918
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Visual teaching and learning in the fields of engineering
PhD (C.) Kyvete S. Shatri
University of Pristina
Engineering education today is faced with numerous demands that are closely connected
with a globalized economy. One of these requirements is to draw the engineers of the future,
who are characterized with: strong analytical skills, creativity, ingenuity, professionalism,
intercultural communication and leadership. To achieve this effective teaching methods should
be used to facilitate and enhance the learning of students and their performance in general,
making them able to cope with market demands of a globalized economy. One of these methods
is the visualization as a very important method that increases the learning of students. A
visual approach in science and in engineering also increases communication, critical thinking
and provides analytical approach to various problems. Therefore, this research is aimed to
investigate the effect of the use of visualization in the process of teaching and learning in
engineering fields and encourage teachers and students to use visual methods for teaching
and learning. The results of this research highlight the positive effect that the use of
visualization has in the learning process of students and their overall performance. In addition,
innovative teaching methods have a good effect in the improvement of the situation.
Visualization motivates students to learn, making them more cooperative and developing
their communication skills.
Keywords: visualization, simulations, teaching, learning, student performance.
The level of economic and social development of a country depends from the quality
of education system and the level of education in that country. The rapid economic
development and the global changes that are happening today, based on high
technological development, pose a lot of requests for education system, especially for
education system in the fields of engineering matters, or more concretely in the aspect
of Information and Communication Technology. Preparing students in the field of
engineering in a global context is the focus of the study. This seems to be the key for
a successful economy and to secure welfare for the society in general. To fulfill this,
the focus most orient to the quality of education in engineering fields. To find the
ways how to grow the performing of teaching and learning in the context of these
fields is essential. The developing of technology did not influence just the economic
context, but also the ways of teaching and learning. Its integration in these two
processes has contributed in the transformation of teaching and learning, from the
traditional way. Technology components of information and communication have
offered new ways not only for teaching, but also for learning and one of them is the
offering of the visualized way of teaching and learning. Visual learning is essential in
the engineering fields. The students of engineering disciplines learn for different

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