Why the answer to how to strengthen public trust in elections is... SEEV

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Why the answer to how
to strengthen public trust
in elections is… SEEV
e traditional pencil-and-paper method to mark your vote in the polling booth
hasbeen gradually replaced by electronic voting machines in many countries, in Europe
andbeyond. Ensuring the security of electronic voting machines and quelling fears
ofvote-rigging have become ever more important. One ERC-funded researcher
hasbeen working tirelessly to develop such an e-voting system through two projects,
SEEVS andits follow-up SEEVCA.
We live in politically volatile times. This is an age of social media
dominance, fake news and paranoia from many sections of
society that the political system is somehow built to be aligned
automatically against their fundamental interests. For liberal
democracy to survive and flourish, the fundamental premise on
which it is built – regular, open and free elections to choose your
political representatives – must be trusted. If election results are
questioned, this undermines the credibility of the entire demo-
cratic process.
CORDIS Results Pack on elections and democratic participation
Understanding turbulent political times through innovative EU-funded research

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