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The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, appointed, on 22 December 2010, permanent chairs of several working groups in the Council in the fields of foreign, security and defence policy as well as crisis management.

Working Party on Africa (COAFR) - Fiona Lunny

Working Party on Human Rights (COHOM) - Engelbert Theuermann

Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) - Mika Markus Leinonen

Politico-Military Working Party (PMG) - Bert Versmessen

Working Party on Transatlantic Relations (COTRA) - Alenka Zajc Freudenstein

Working Party on the Western Balkans Region (COWEB) - Alyx Everard

Working Party on Latin America (COLAT) - Rafael Gelabert

Mashreq/Maghreb Working Party (MaMa) - John Gatt Rutter and Maja Bozovic

Middle East/Gulf Working Party (COMEM) - Sophie Kisling

Working Party on Conventional Arms Export (COARM) - Fabio della Piazza

Asia-Oceania Working Party (COASI) - Boguslaw Majewski

Working Party on Global...

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