Youth Education and Employability in EU challenged by culture and technology

AuthorLeudita Ademi
Position'Luarasi' University, Tiranë, Albania
Vol. 4 No. 2
June, 2020
European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
IIPCCL Publishing, Graz-Austria
ISSN 2519-1284
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Youth Education and Employability in EU challenged by culture and
Leudita Ademi
Tiranë, Albania
was theyear ofnalization of manyprograms uponwhich otherones werebuild by
principle more solid sustainable and eective directing to a unication that will assure
social inclusion and economic growth. Programs with higher impact on education, research
and culture respectivelyErasmus  Horizon Europe and Creative Europe were
In this programs cross border dimension is appraised as the approach to European citizens
thatpursue intellectualand culturaldevelopmentbeyond personalbenets contributingto
the community and society by making human capital more employable and competitively
more advantaged.
Unlikepolicies related tolegislation and securitypoliciesrelated to educationare dicult
to be imposed because from one side they rely on the will and responsibility of citizens and
theirelectedgoverningentities toimprovethemselvesandfromthe othersidetheireect in
theshort runexacerbate individualsand theirdomain family andcommunity Theactual
challenge is with the most presumed active and performing group of population (youth)
whosepotential is conditioned from the degree to which the human capacity is exploited
Forthisreasoneducationand employmenttakeaparticularaentionbecauseit isgenerally
concentrated in this life period.
economical change, have challenged education and employment of youth, to have a clearer
perspective on the real possibility of programs to succeed.
Keywords: CultureeducationemployabilityEuropeanUniontechnologyyouth
Freedom of movement is the fundamental principle of the European Union EU
Concretely free movement of labor is one of the four key principles aside free
movement of goods, services and capital. To ensure it, there has to be some sort of
standardization to ease the move, in terms of human capacity. This standardization
has to be interpreted in this contexts as a common denominator or a single unit
measure to the chance for free movement.
EU acknowledges education as a very important instrument in achieving this
principlesand theunication ofEuropeAll theproblems facedin thelast decade
it is to inspire youth to be responsible citizens and representative ones in terms of
capabilitynotonly tobenet theeconomySo growthmobility andemployability
takes a special focus when discussing youth.

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