2018 European Law Journal Special Issue Call for Papers

Date01 March 2017
Published date01 March 2017
2018 European Law Journal Special Issue
Call for Papers
The European Law Journal will be publishing one special issue in 2018, the theme and com-
position of which will be chosen among the proposals sent in answer to the present call.
Proposals should contain a succinct description of the overall topic of the special issue
(circa 20 lines), the reasons why the topic is one that ts into the identity of the journal
as the leading law-in-context publication on EU law (circa 20 lines) and the contribution
the issue willmake to the literature (circa 30 lines).A short general overview of theissue of
circa 4 pages, including a list of the 7/8 papers proposed and a short abstract for each of
them should also be annexed.
Proposals should be sentby October 1
, 2017 (12hours GMT). The editorial board, in
consultation with the academic board of the journal, will select one application by mid
November 1
The preparatory workshop should be organised in the 2018 winter or spring terms (or,
exceptionally,could have already been held in 2017summer or autumn). The nal draft of
the papers shouldbe sent to the ELJ at latest by June 1
, 2018 and the nal version should
be sent, at latest, by August1
, 2018. The editorof the ELJ will be an active commentator
in the workshop,and will be working, together with membersof the editorial board, in the
preparation of the papers for nal publication .
Organiserswill be responsible for both the fundingand the logistical organizationof the
workshop (or workshops) where the papers will be rst presented and discussed.
We are proud to announce that the proposal selected will receive 2000 pounds sterling
support from Wiley.
European LawJournal, Vol. 23, No. 1-2,March 2017, pp. 151.
© 2017 John Wiley& Sons Ltd.

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