Annex 1: questionnaire on hate speech

AuthorPetra Bárd - Judit Bayer
Hate speech and hate crime in the EU.
The evaluation of national approaches to online content regulation
PE 655.135 147
The pur pose of this quest ionnaire is t o provide authent ic inform ation and
gather reliable resour ces for the hat e speech chapter t he above referenced
com par ati ve stud y r equest ed b y t he Com mittee on Civil Liber tie s, Justice and
Hom e Af fair s (LIBE) of the European Par liam ent. ( In case you h ave ex pert ise
on violent hat e crim e as well, w e kindly ask you t o fill out the oth er for m we
sent y ou along t he present one, t oo.)
Bey ond b lack let ter law and ca se la w of nat iona l cou rt s, y ou are kin dly inv ited
to give your professional insights or personal opinion whenever you find it
relev ant.
We would be gr ateful if t his document would not be converted, i.e. if it cou ld
be ret urned in Microsoft Wor d format .
Nam e and affiliat ion of the nat ional researcher:
Coun ty:
Do you p erm it Authors of the stu dy to reference your name and affiliat ion, or
do you wish t o rem ain anon ymous?
Bot h nam e and
affiliation can be
mention ed
Only nam e can be
mention ed I w ish to rem ain
anonym ous

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