Annex 3 - methodology for main task 3 (collection and analysis of intermedition and advisory fees)

AuthorConsumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (European Commission), Deloitte consortium, IPSOS, London Economics
Annex 3 Methodology for Main Task 3 (Collection and analysis
of intermedition and advisory fees)
A3.1 Sub-task 1: Collection of fees
Main Task 3 consisted of the collection and analysis of intermediation and advisory fees
for the buyin g/selling, renting/letting of properties, in all 28 Member States, Iceland and
The exercise included the following activities:
1. Data collection:
o Collection of intermediation and advisory fees for each of the countries in
scope, expressed as a percentage of the price/rent of the properties;
o Identification of time spent and costs incurred by consumers during the
purchase or rent of a property such as taxes (i.e. tax/stamp duty, land register
fees), lawyer or notary fees, mortgage fees, or any other fee that identified
during the task; and
2. Data analysis:
o Analyses of payments and fees.
To ensure a complete and high quality collection of payments and fees, the following step-
by-step approach was followed. A step-by-step approach is the ideal approach since it
allows to collect data through an iterative process.
Step 1 - Design of the inventory of fees
With a view to collect a comprehensive set of d ata on payments and fees, an inventory of
fees was designed and validated by the European Commission. The inventory of fees
included the following aspects:
Fees paid by consumers to real estate agents;
Other fees and charges paid by consumers for real estate transactions;
Time spent by consumers dealing with real estate agents.
Step 2 - Data collection
The main tasks that allowed the collection of intermediat ion and advisory fees in all 28
Member States, Iceland and Norway were:
Classification of existing national rules (Country fiches, Mai n Task 1.2);
Consumer surveys (Main Task 2).
The classification of existing national rules (Ta sk 1.2), performed through the
completion of the country fiches, enabl ed to collect fees set as mandatory by the national
legislation, i.e. fees incurred by consumers when renting or purchasing a property because
they are imposed by law and included in national legislative texts. In addition, not only an
indication of prices and fees was provided in the country fiches, but also relevant
explanations on the ways in which fees are applied.
Step 1 - Design of the
inventory of fees
Step 2 - Data collection
through country fiches and
the consumer survey
Step 3 - Integration of data
into an Excel matrix

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