Annex II: European Implementation Assessment on the European Arrest Warrant- Questions for Interviewees

AuthorBallegooij, Wouter van
European Arre st Warrant
Annex II: European Implementation Assessment on the
European Arrest Warrant Questions for Interviewees
European Implementati on Assessment o n the European Arres t Warrant
Questi ons for int erviewees
European Parliamentary Research S ervice, EVAL uni t, March 202 0
Transpo sition probl ems and their practi cal impl ications
Questi on 1
It appears that there are significant differences in the ways in which Member States have transposed
the provisions of the Framework decision on the European Arrest Warrant (FD EAW). Which
provisions are mainly concerned? Which differences in transposition cause the most problems in
pract ice?
Questi on 2
Is th e FD EA W st ill rele vant in light of developments that took place since its adoption in 2002,
not ably d igitalis atio n and glo balisatio n? Do its orig inal ob jectives s till cor resp ond to th e (EU) n eeds
in t he ar ea of judicial coop erat ion?
Effecti veness
Questi on 3
When contrasted with pre-existing e xtradition arrangements between EU Member States.
1. Has the F D EAW s ucceeded in achieving its sta ted objectives:
a) Speeding up procedur es (recital 1, tak ing into account the r elevant Commissio n stat istics)?
b) Removing the complexity and potential for delay inh erent in extradition pr ocedures (recital
c) Implem entin g the princip le of mu tual r ecogn ition (r ecital 6) ?
o As regards limiting th e applica tion o f the doub le crimin ality req uirement
o As r egar ds limit ing t he nat ionality exceptio n
d) Ens uring that an EA W is s ubject to s ufficien t contr ols by a ju dicial au tho rity (r ecital 8)?

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