The French information technology group, Bull, announced on October 20 an increase of 3.8% in turnover for the third quarter of 1998, to FF4.652 billion, against FF4.481 billion for the comparable period a year earlier. For the first 9 months of 1998 turnover rose by 3.4%, to reach FF16.364 billion, against FF15.822 for the comparable period in 1997, the company said. The trend in turnover for the third quarter of 1998 was characterised by a revival of growth in Unix-based computers, and sales of proprietary systems held up, with Windows NT-based systems showing continued strong growth, according to Bull. Sales by the software division for the third quarter increased by more than 50%. The microchip card and electronic payment terminals division made up some of the ground lost during the first half year, with the...

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