* Industry CouncilIndustry Ministers from the European Union will meet on November 16 in Brussels. Among the subjects on the agenda are a report by the European Commission on the competitiveness of European industry and a communication on company services.* Audiovisual CouncilCulture and Audiovisual Ministers from the European Union will meet on November 17 in Brussels. They will take part in a debate on the report of the High-Level Group on the Digital Era and Eurropean AudiovisualEPolicy.* Telecommunications CouncilThe agenda of the next meeting of the Council of Telecommunications Ministers, which will take place on November 25 in Brussels, includes the following subjects: proposal for a Directive on electronic signature (political agreement), programme on data exchange between government departments (political agreement), presentation of the replies to the Green Paper on Convergence, follow-up to the Ottawa Conference on world electronic commerce, and to the Charter on world communications.* Living and Working in the Information SocietyIST'98, the first conference and exhibition of Information Society technologies will take place from November 30-December 2, 1998, in Vienna, Austria. Organised by the European Commission, IST'98 will take place under the patronage of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Transport, and will unveil the specific IST programme, one of the elements of the...

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