*Telecommunication Council of MinistersThe EU's fifteen Ministers for Telecommunications are set to meet in Brussels on March 25. The agenda's main points are as follows:- The electronnic exchange of data between administrations: While waiting for the European Parliament's opinion, the Council will no doubt produce common guidelines on the two proposals for Decisions establishing trends and projects of common interest for trans-European networks, as well as actions and measures aimed at ensuring the interoperability of these networks.- The adoption of a Resolution on the accessibility of public websites and their content.- The follow-up of the Barcelona Council's conclusions on the eEurope Plan of Action 2002.- The international management of the Internet and ICANN's reform: Commission information.* NESIS event on benchmarking performancesA NESIS (New Economy Statistical Information Systems) conference will take place in Olympia, Greece, on June 10-14, 2002. The event aims to focus debate on key areas of benchmarking in the new economy, including policies, indicators and related methodological and statistical issues. The NESIS project is funded by the European Commission under the IST (information society technologies) programme of the Fifth Framework programme for research (FP5). It aims to help develop and evaluate European benchmarking indicators, with activities based around four key policy areas: the new information economy and e-Europe, productivity and competitiveness in the new information economy, human investment in the new information economy and social inclusion in the new information economy.For further information about the event and call for papers, and to register, please consult the following web address: or contact: Ms Vassiliki TSIGROS, Tel: +352-45-914587, E-mail:* Conference in Barcelona on the preservation of electronic informationThe theme of Access and Preservation of Electronic Information: Best Practices and Solutions will be examined at the DLM-Forum 2002, to be held on 6-8 May 2002 in Barcelona, Spain. The forum aims to look at best practices and solutions in accessing and preserving electronic information, from the perspective of both hardware and software developers and users in public administration and archives. Presentations and discussions will focus on proven practical applications and ongoing projects. Users will have the opportunity to discuss their...

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